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Creative expression through henna body art - Ja'Henna


Welcome to Ja'Henna!

Ja'Henna is a product of owner, Candice Peart's love for anything that allows for creative expression. Candice, a Jamaican born free spirit, has found a new creative outlet through body art in the form of Henna Tattoos. Here you will find works completed by Candice and ways to book her service for your events.

Click Here to View Pictures from the Henna Pop-Up Party held June 3, 2017

Refer a friend and you and the friend will get $200 off your next henna.

*Other Conditions apply. Applicable to services that value $2,000 or more. Offer valid through to Nov. 30, 2018

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Our Services

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Arrange a time and place to get your​ Henna done

Event Bookings

Arrange with us to come be a part of your event experience at very affordable prices. 


Arrange a time and place to get your​ Henna done

Henna Party

Grab a group of friends (2 to 15) and throw a Henna Party. For a low hourly fee we can introduce you to the wonderful world of Henna.